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My professional experience in IoT (Internet of Things) is mostly related to designing device management systems based on the AWS IoT platform, and implementing device client software using Yocto Linux, AWS IoT Device SDKs, AWS IoT Greengrass and Mender.

The main project that I participated in 2017-2022 required a full-featured device management solution, including automated factory software installation, automated device registration in AWS IoT, automated configuration of AWS Greengrass deployments, Python-based Greengrass edge application management, and device software update management at the operating system level.

I designed a scalable, serverless management system to handle these features and integrated it to third party systems as needed, using AWS technologies such as API Gateway, Lambda, Step Functions and DynamoDB. This work also involved adding related client modules, scripts and systemd services to the Yocto Linux build, as well as designing a cloud based CI system to automatically build and test the Yocto Linux device images, before deploying them via Mender to the client devices.

Currently my interest in IoT is mostly related to home automation and integrating sensors with Home Assistant, and to running a The Things Network LoRAWAN gateway in our home office.